The novitiate can be a time of a great growth in self-awareness, for better or least it has been for me during this first month. Yes, I am learning some things about myself where there is plenty of room for growth, but my gifts are also coming into fuller view. Yes, I am learning how critical I can be as an overthinking perfectionist, but I am also seeing where greater patience is paying off when I am able to catch myself first.

It will be interesting to return to Bristow, VA for a formation weekend tomorrow like we did last October with another year of life in the books. Perhaps I will gain some more self-awareness and perspective on the ways I have grown and changed since our last visit.

This morning I received some wonderful and wonderfully appropriate words, words which more-than-adequately describe my present moment:

I assumed whatever happened would be an opportunity for greater expansion of my life. There was never any question about each day being anything other than an unmitigated gift, a daily occasion holding countless possibilities of growth and newness. (Joyce Rupp)

How can we hold an attitude like this throughout our entire lives? Awareness seems pretty important! Here are a few things that raised my awareness of the nature world on recent walks.

(I could hardly believe my eyes! I could see the eyeballs on this praying mantis!) 

(The clarity of the lake water gave me pause.) 

(The colors of the morning sky never cease to amaze me.)

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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