Home Furnishings

I am not shy about the fact that I have rearranged my bedroom six times in the year since I moved into the monastery; last week was the most recent shift. Abba Moses said, "Go, sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything." I just happen to like to change my cell around frequently; it has pretty much always been that way.

This week I challenged myself to go for a run "around the block" each morning after morning prayer. The block is not quite your typical block, and it is just long enough that I feel happy when I reach the end. Today, as I worked against some strong winds, I spotted a table/shelf of sorts "on the curb" for the taking. It caught my eye enough to stop and take a look, but considering I was running, I figured I couldn't tote it along with me. As I thought about it some more I said to myself I would drive back once I finished running. If it was still there, it was meant for me. I had just the spot in my mind where it would fit in my new arrangement.

Now, I'm sure you're dying to know: Was it still there?

You betcha! But, there was a problem. The table had a third short shelf on the other side making it symmetrical. And, as you can see, I couldn't open my desk drawers with it there. I realized that I could remove that side because of the way it was assembled. Off I went looking for a screwdriver. When it wasn't the size I needed, I found one of the wonderful guys who works for us, and he had just the tools I needed to help me out. After a nice wiping off, it is a welcome addition to my monastic cell!

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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