The Gift of Peace

Today's reflection day was a gift - running, riding, reading, resting, reflecting, and now writing. (I can practice being okay with breaking patterns, too!)

Anyway, I did some inner reflecting in solitude, but I also received the gift of reflection with some wise and wonderful women in different conversations throughout the day.

In one of those conversations, we talked about how the Mystery of God is too big to grasp; we also reflected on how we do not know what will come from one day to the next. But, even through all of that reality, we can practice being at peace with whatever comes our way. We shared with each other what makes us feel most peaceful.

For me, it was hard to not feel peaceful sitting amidst God's creation this evening. (Photo credit: Hers, not mine!)

When do you, or what makes you, feel most peaceful in your life?

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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