Sustainable Energy

This morning as I sat outside with my coffee taking in myriad shades of green, I thought about the different types of energy that we use in different seasons. A favorite song of mine also came to mind (Sun Giant, by Fleet Foxes):

What a life I lead in the summer
What a life I lead in the spring
What a life I lead when the wind, it breathes
What a life I lead in the spring

What a life I lead when the sun breaks free
As a giant torn from the clouds
What a life indeed when that ancient seed
Is a-buried, watered and plowed

What a life we lead, indeed! I know my energy during these months is significantly greater than my energy in those that are colder. All these thoughts ended up coinciding perfectly with a wonderful homily we heard during Liturgy later this morning.

Our presider reminded us that, often times, the last thing on our minds is discipleship during these summer months. Yet, all three readings this morning focused on that theme. First, God calls Elijah to call forward Elisha as a disciple. Then, Galatians reminds us that disciples, guided by the Spirit, are called to love. Finally, the Gospel relays the message that discipleship means forgoing our own ideas and desires.

So, with all this energy that the Sun provides right now, perhaps I am called to reflect on and act upon my call to be a disciple more than ever. How am I called uniquely by God to be a disciple? How, even with that unique call, am I called to humility in my service? How does my energy contribute to building the Oneness that God calls me to help create? How are we all called to do this together in community and through love?

Let us walk in the holy presence.


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