On Writing [Or, (N)on Writing]

This past week, the community and some of our friends delighted in a wonderful retreat. Fr. Mauritius Wilde, a missionary Benedictine from Germany, presented on Benedict's life through the perspective of detachment.

During the first conference on Monday evening, Fr. Wilde encouraged us all to do something different for the week. If we are early risers, sleep in. If we are voracious readers, drop the books. If we hold a grudge against another community member, let it go. Don't worry though - he assured us we could resume our personal normalcies when retreat ended today!

So, by the above title and lack of posting this past week, you can guess what I did differently - no writing, none. I didn't journal; I didn't take notes during the presentations; I don't think I sent more than five emails; I didn't write here; I didn't even copy and paste good quotes that I read online.

This is my first attempt at writing anything since last Sunday.

And, oh what I learned!

Right now, I can admit though that I am struggling to figure out what I want to say here. But, I do know a few things: I certainly learned that writing is a practice, or re-learned - I think I always knew that. I certainly learned that writing helps my brain process its thoughts much more than I realized, even if I am just writing seemingly insignificant details. I certainly learned that writing is a process that I love.

So, maybe this week you'll try to detach from something you normally do, too. That is, of course, unless you already did this practice last week on our retreat - then, welcome back those early mornings and books! (Maybe leave the grudges behind!)

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