Transfigure Me

This weekend our community received the gift of two very good reflections on the Transfiguration, one during our Saturday night vigil and the other during the homily this morning. Last night we were asked if we dare to reveal our divinity. This morning we were asked to consider if we could allow our Lenten experience to be guided a bit more by God and a little less by ourselves.

This afternoon I continued to reflect on the Transfiguration surrounded by a semi-frozen lake. My mountaintop took the form of this welcoming log.

My prophets were two stones I found that had been one at some point, but now just fit together like two adjoining puzzle pieces. I held them in both hands. I imagined Jesus right behind us the whole time. God was revealed to us all in the form of brief glimpses of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

In my little Transfiguration moment, the stones represented two prophets in my own life who call me to new life and a greater recognition of the all-embracing Love that God has for us.

I thought about the love that these two people show me; it is a tremendous love, and that love cannot even begin to compare to the love that God has for me and for us all.

May we walk into a new week transfigured by Love.

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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