Season's Greetings (or, how community will get me through winter)

As many of you know, winter ranks seventh on my list of favorite seasons.

The darkness and the cold create a certain bitterness for me, making me rather impatient waiting for spring to bloom and light and warmth to return.

So, half a year ago I packed my bags and moved to Erie, a city that perennially ranks on the list of snowiest U.S. cities.


What was I thinking?

Well, as you also know, it turns out that I moved to Erie to enter the Benedictine community here. And one responsibility we all share is wo-manning the front desk each day.

Tonight, as I took my turn, I was greeted by two sisters offering me a sign of winter joy after we received another few inches of white today.

Then, when another sister saw Frosty, she brought a little "snowy ground" to add to the wintery scene. (Which also served to catch the melting snow!)

All of this served to put a smile on my face. Now, I may not like winter, but I like knowing that community makes it a little brighter.

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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