Dynamic Duos

This weekend I will retreat for some silence and solitude as I mark the halfway point of my postulancy. Silence and solitude are a wonderfully powerful combination, so it got me thinking about other combinations in my life that I particularly enjoy. For me, the sum is greater than the two parts in each of these pairings, or sum > part + part, for all you fellow mathletes out there. While you will read many edible combinations on the list, all are nourishing in some way. I invite you to reflect on your own, too!

  • Hamburgers (underdone) and french fries (overdone)
  • Prayer and poetry
  • Chocolate and pretzels
  • V-neck shirts and jeans
  • Bikes and open roads
  • Disney World and time with my sister
  • Ice cream and ice cream cones
  • Ice cream and hot fudge
  • Green and blue
  • Stained glass and sunlight
  • Pajamas and Saturday mornings
  • Federal holidays and Mondays
  • Coffee and half&half
  • Oceans and sunrises
  • Summer and beaches
  • Rivers and walking paths
  • Graph paper and pencils
  • Bob Dylan and his harmonica
  • Long conversations and friends
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Scarves and my neck
  • Corn-on-the-cob and butter
  • Children and education
  • Passion and creativity
  • Sand and bare feet
  • Soil and bare hands
  • Peace and Joy
  • Wisdom and Love
  • God and me

Please pray for me this weekend, as I will hold you with me, too.

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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