Three Days Later

It is hard to imagine that what transpired over the weekend would vanish just as quickly. After some rain yesterday and warmer temperatures, I re-embarked on our Sunday adventure this morning.

Here then, quite different now.

While all the snow and ice did not vanish from the lake, the difference is pretty amazing.

And, the contrast should only expand. Tomorrow's high is 53 degrees! You can see, though, how the snow and ice built up at the water's edge. And, you can see the faintest traces of those huge icicles!

But, my two favorite discoveries were 1.) how the water melted leaving a heart on the pavement.

And, 2.) watching the ice melt. That one drop on the right side of the video looks just like a Plinko piece falling on the game board on The Price is Right! See if you can spot it!

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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