As I posted my last entry, I looked at the sidebar and found that I had posted 44 times in 2015 and 55 times in 2016. Using my fourth-grade-math-teacher-place-value skills, I added the ones column and the tens column only to find the value equal to 9 in both places.

This means that you are reading my 100th post!

But, I also came on here to post tonight only to find that this is the first time that my thousands place has a value of 9, which means I have reached over 9,000 posts!

Thank you all for reading about my journey, as well as your kinds words of encouragement since I began writing here.

I reached another milestone this weekend as I visited Penn State. We ate lunch at a restaurant called The Corner Room. Word on the street was that the burgers were good, which was not a problem for me. So, I glanced at the options on the menu:

It was basically telling me what I should order!

So I did...

And here is the proof that I consumed my first PB burger!

And, was it delicious?


Let us walk in the holy presence.

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