A Walk in the Garden

With my mother and grandmother visiting this holiday weekend, we decided to journey to the botanical gardens in Cleveland. Anyone, even if you've already been there, must go! It was incredible! Here are some of my favorite photos. This time I will focus on the trees and other odds and ends. Next time I will post the flowers.

These first pictures were taken inside the Glasshouse, which recreated the environments of the desert in Madagascar and the rainforest of Costa Rica.

 Even though they are perfectly aligned and in lovely form, spores have always grossed me out for some reason!

I loved the interconnectedness of the trees with the surrounding life. 

The leaves of this banana tree are bigger than I am!

 A perfectly content butterfly - there were so many beautiful butterflies flying around the "rainforest." This one stayed put for at least a minute, which is even longer than I can sit still.

In the herb garden, they used chamomile as ground cover in some places, so I rubbed my hands all over it, and I sure slept well last night. Also, a close-up of web dew.

Many trees had signs which told you how much money they help save each year...

 ...which is why we must hug trees! But, really, I simply wanted to show the size of this Black Oak.

Okay, until next time --

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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