Jump Into the Age of the Spirit

This weekend our community experienced the energy and spirit of Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission sister, who spoke during our spring community weekend. The energy and spirit she created at the Mount seemed palpable to everyone in the room.

One thing Miriam Therese (MT for short) said repeatedly was that there was a very real energy present; she couldn't articulate what that energy was, but she could feel it. I agree; it was definitely alive and well.

MT also told us that we are living in the Age of the Spirit. In this age, we are coming to understand life through a new perspective, one where old models, rules, dogmas, and straightforward practices will no longer suffice. This Age of the Spirit is one defined by chaos and change.

As I sit and reflect on everything I heard, I, too, find it difficult to articulate what happened in our community room over the weekend. In this Age of the Spirit, as we learn to embrace chaos and change, it follows that we also must embrace risk. When predictability is no longer a reality, we have to learn to trust the Spirit and take a chance on the things that give us energy and life. It is our faith in God that must be unchanging.

This new perspective is very challenging and quite uncomfortable for someone like myself who loves organization and order, but as MT also explained, it is often the very thing that doesn't quite fit in that is the harbinger of the future. Am I ready to jump? Am I ready trust the energy and spirit felt this weekend? Here is a poem from MT called, Quantum Leap.

Let go
of the need
to be secure,
of the urge to be
absolutely sure,
the luxury
of certainty,
as if
"as it were"
could ever be.
within worlds
within subatomic entities,
beyond worlds,
galactic immensities,
give us a glimpse,
though never enough,
of quantum connectedness
and quantumstuff.

The mystery
we cannot see
in the hidden fields
of energy,
that sumptuous
tantalizing, terrifying, mystifying, mesmerizing,
enticing us
to the very edge
of forever and ever.

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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