How quickly winter allows me to forget just how good spring is! Our poem today is Ingratitude by Carl Dennis.

Spring, I remembered you all these months.
I spoke of the green yard under the snow
To my slumped visitors.
I sobered the giddy neighbors.
"You may think you're still happy,"
I cautioned, "but recall the tea roses,
The lost leaves of the dogwood tree."

But now you have fallen upon us, Spring,
Without warning,
So much greener than I remembered.
Friends I kept from forgetting
Laugh at me as they run outside
For falling so short in your praise.

Last weekend it was snowing. This weekend I am running in shorts and a t-shirt. Yesterday I even added a sunny trip to Niagara Falls. This is the view that people might often associate with Niagara Falls.

But, I was even more taken by what happens leading up to the falls.

The force of all the water as it powers toward the same end was amazing to watch.

Of course, then there was also this lovely cardinal. Spring and sunshine, you never cease to amaze me. I have been singing this line from our closing hymn at Liturgy all day:

Praise is our grateful choice; Alleluia! Amen!

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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