Sunday, February 17, 2019

Número 300

This is post #300! Yay! This little blog really started as a way for me to keep in touch with friends at home when I moved across the state three and a half years ago.

Oh, how life has changed.

Let me express gratitude for all the encouragement I have received along the way to keep up with writing even when my energy for keeping up with the blog has dwindled. It has always seemed that just the right words have come along when I needed them. (And not just about the blog!)

And, as always...

Let us walk in the holy presence.

a new day at the monastery

You see,
I want a lot.

Maybe I want it all:
the darkness of each endless fall,
The shimmering light of each ascent.

So many creative who don’t seem to care.
Casual, easy, they move in the world
As though untouched.

But you take pleasure in the faces
Of those who know they thirst.
You cherish those
Who grip you for survival.

You are not dead yet, it’s not too late
To open your depths by plunging into them
And drink in the life
That reveals itself quietly there.


Continued Communal, Culinary Creations!

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