My NADI experience was full of blessings. A few moments in particular stand out; here's one. On our day of service, we spent time at St. Paul Hermitage. St. Paul Hermitage, a ministry of the Benedictines in Beech Grove, offers apartment living, assisted living, and nursing care. Many retired priests and sisters live there. I spent my afternoon with Sr. Teresine, who came from Ferdinand, IN to the newly-forming Beech Grove community when it was established in the middle of the twentieth century. I told her who I was and explained that there were seven novices visiting for our NADI experience. Her elated response: "Oh, yay! Seven new Benedictines!" It only made me more excited to enter into this tradition.

NADI provides an opportunity for all the novices and directors in Benedictine communities across the nation to gather together for a formative experience. We listened to presentations on topics ranging from hospitality to stewardship to prayer, as well as other Benedictine values. We enjoyed some relaxed time on our Sunday together. We joined with the Beech Grove community for prayer, a few meals, and to celebrate the 25th jubilee of the community's prioress. Plus, there was space for reflection and community building among the novices. What a wonderful opportunity!

Here are some photos to recount my time.

This is the "Faceless Madonna" icon on the monastery grounds. Mary's face was stolen, and the makers of the mosaic could not replace it, so they decided to make her faceless and allow her to be whomever you need her to be in the moment. 

This was one of my favorite pieces of art on the walls of the monastery. 

A group of us went for a hike to Brown County State Park on Sunday. We loved this little forest of trees! 

Here comes the sun pouring through the trees at the community's retreat house where we had a BBQ after hiking. 

Though it doesn't always feel like joy, this mug made me chuckle.

This is part of the Peace Garden, full of plants native to the area.

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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