Of Time Made Holy

Some of my current formation reading has taken me deep into the heart of monastic liturgical prayer. I read about the tradition, the evolution, the purpose, and through my reading, I have gained a deeper appreciation for our celebration of the Eucharist and for the Liturgy of the Hours.

I also wrote earlier about my class on the psalms. I just wrapped up that class this past week, and one of my assignments was to embrace my inner David and write a psalm of my own.

At first the task seemed a bit daunting, but the psalms use practically every emotion to convey what we want to say to God.

So, I thought about what I want to say to God and worked from there. What do I most deeply desire God to do for me? What do I want to say? Here is what transpired.

Praise to You, O God, for the love you bestow upon me.
Blessed are You, O God, for the blessings you lavish upon me.

Gift for the world – Light in our midst –
Song of our hearts – Joy without end –
All glory be Yours.

Turn me into a gift for the world.
Turn me into a light in the darkness.
Turn me into music for oppressed ears.
Turn me into boundless joy.

I desire to become, O God.
I desire to live into Your truth.
I desire to create life with you.
May my desire be the spark.

For I know that in my becoming,
And in my living and creating,
You, O God, delight.

Your delight in me is beyond measure –
Numberless as the stars and the sand,
Great as the heat of sun,
Alive as the seed bursting through soil.

Eternal One, make my desire eternal.
And in my endless desire, hear my praise for You.
For I know that my becoming, my living, my creating,
Are all wrapped in You.

May my praise always be alive,
As the seed bursting through the soil.
May my praise always blossom,
Into a life lived in gratitude for You.

Gift for the world – Light in our midst –
Song of our hearts – Joy without end –

All glory be Yours.

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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