Monday, December 19, 2022

Pizzelles: A Perfectionist's Perspective

Everyone gets on my case about being a perfectionist. And while it causes undue anxiety and tension in my life, there are times when it's helpful. And there are also times when others come out to play the game with me!

Pizzelle night is one of those moments.

A yearly tradition at the monastery, everyone looks to make the *perfect* circle with the pizzelle irons, getting just the right amount of batter at just the right location for just the right amount of time. And when they do, they want everyone to know. And we all rejoice in those satisfying shapes.

Marilyn, responsible, for the operation, gives us all pointers before we start, elevating the hope that the perfect circle is within our reach!

You can see many of my attempts above...Maybe not perfect, but they certainly offered an opportunity to appreciate diversity!

Many joined in on the fun!

Here was my best attempt of the evening!

But, of course, when they aren't perfect, we have to cut off the extra ends...and eat them, too! Maybe imperfections aren't so bad!

The anise and vanilla cookies are all boxed and ready to savor on Christmas Eve after Liturgy... Anticipation!

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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