Monday, October 10, 2022

The Lingerers and The Letting Go

It's that time of year.

(I feel like we could say that anytime, and some appropriate metaphor or story would follow.)

Well, right now, it's that time of year when some of those last blooms are hanging on for dear life! Or, are they?

A walk through our inner courtyard revealed just a few of the myriad examples you can find outside during these autumn days.

As I noticed them this morning, I referred to these flowers as "the lingerers" in my mind. They stick around to the last possible moment before letting go. Who knows why...

Just to show off...Because they still have life in them worth living...Because they're not ready yet...Some other reason... Really, who knows?

As we do know, though, nature is very generous in the ways it allows us to flex and create metaphors that help make meaning we want to find, meaning we sometimes need to help us make sense of life. Who hasn't seen a tree and given thanks for the ways it reminds us to root deeply and let go?

If you want to read a good book, pick up Pico Iyer's Autumn Light. I am only about 60 pages in now, but I am finding it a beautiful narrative reflection on letting go, in light of the death of the author's father-in-law in Japan.

However you are lingering yourself these days, how is nature calling you to growth? How is the autumn season calling you differently this year than previous ones?

And, just because, here is one of my favorite trees on our property. Look at that red color. Today I learned that it was struck by lightning some years back and not expected to survive. Well, here it is. (And don't forget about that full moon tonight!)

Let us walk in the holy presence.

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